Volunteers/Elective Students

HOPE Cape Town Volunteers

The help of countless local and international volunteers has helped HOPE Cape Town to be where it is today.

 These committed individuals have assisted in many areas to help HOPE Cape Town function to the best of its ability.

 Applicants from both locally and internationally, must want to make a difference in the fight against HIV /AIDs in underprivileged communities around Cape Town and commit themselves to a period of at least 3 months but ideally longer.

 They require no specific skills other than a desire to learn and a willingness to help in whatever area they can, to help the NGO achieve its goals.


The various areas that the volunteer will need to get involved in will include:

  •  Assisting with HOPE Cape Town’s grassroots projects in the community
  • Supporting the work of HOPE health care workers in the wards
  •  Helping in the Tygerberg hospital school
  • Being involved in the administrative needs of the NGO


As these places are highly sought after and only two volunteers can be placed at any one time, it is advisable to apply a year in advance.

Unfortunately HOPE Cape Town cannot provide accommodation and transport and no remuneration can be paid to volunteers.

 Should you be interested in applying for a volunteer position at HOPE Cape Town please contact us at office@hopecapetown.com 


HOPE Cape Town- KIDCRU Medical Elective Student Program

HOPE Cape Town has been running a combined clinical and research elective for international medical students since 2008.

This elective is run in partnership with KIDCRU (Children’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Unit) and the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Stellenbosch.

The students spend two weeks with HOPE Cape Town and two weeks with KIDCRU (total 4 weeks).

A maximum of 2 students can be accepted at any one time.


The two weeks spent with HOPE Cape Town include:

  • Learning about HIV in South Africa, anti-retrovirals (ARVs) and the management of HIV positive patients
  • Exposure to the operation of an independent NGO
  • Attending a Paediatric HIV Clinic with the HOPE Cape Town Doctor
  • Spending time with a HOPE Community Health Worker (HCHW) at a community clinic
  • Helping the hospital HCHWs with their work in the Tygerberg Hospital wards
  • Visiting poor communities and seeing grassroots projects
  • Going on a farm round in a mobile clinic (when available)


The two weeks spent with KIDCRU will offer a detailed introduction to the management, administration and finances of a major research unit.

The students will also learn about the challenges faced in maintaining a research unit and the need to provide appropriate services to the public in accessing primary and tertiary health care systems.


For more information about KIDCRU, please visit their website; www.kidcru.org.za All applications are managed by the International Student Office at the University of Stellenbosch:


Tel: + 27 021 938 9042

Fax: +27 21 938 9789

Email:  intertyg@sun.ac.za



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