The HOPE Cape Town Association Board and Senior Staff

HOPE Cape Town Association Board Members
The Management of HOPE Cape Town consists of the following members that meet with the HOPE Cape Town staff once a month. The management supervise ongoing projects, negotiate or plan new projects and raise funds in South Africa and abroad.


Dr. Monika Esser

Chairperson of HOPE Cape Town Association

Dr. Monika Esser is head of the department of immunology of the NHLS and the University of Stellenbosch. She is a co-founder of HOPE Cape Town Association, along with Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler. Since November 2006 Dr. Esser is also the chairperson of the management committee. 



Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler

Board Member
Chairperson of HOPE Cape Town Trust
Member of the management committee of the German HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung

Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler was chaplain to the German speaking Catholic Community in Cape Town from 1997 to 2009. He brings international experience in the areas of social work as well as LGBTI and humanitarian issues. He is Vice-chair of the Western Cape Regional Council of the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Board member of CTII. He is laureate of the Erich Kaestner Award and a Paul Harris Fellow. Together with Dr. Monika Esser, he is co-founder of HOPE Cape Town Association and chaired the management from 2001 - 2006. In 2006 he was elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the HOPE Cape Town Trust. From October 2009 till September 2014, Hippler worked as a "Fidei Donum"-priest for the Catholic Church in Cape Town with the portfolio HIV and AIDS. Since 1.10.2014 he is a residing priest  focusing on HIV/AIDS and supplying for the Archdiocese of Cape Town.


Prof. Mark Cotton

Board Member

Founder of KID CRU Tygerberg
Prof. Cotton was made responsible for the Ithemba Ward in 2001 due to his specialty in paediatrics and triple therapy treatment. He is a one of the specialist in the fields of HIV/AIDS, children and treatment not only in South Africa, but worldwide.



Prof. Wolfgang Preiser

Board Member

Professor and Head of the Division of Medical Virology at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Stellenbosch since August 2005. He had previously worked as a medical virologist in Frankfurt am Main and London. His special interests are the diagnosis of viral diseases, viral infections affecting immunocompromised patients as well as emerging viral diseases. He has for many years followed the development of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa and published extensively in the field. He is also one of the authors of several textbook chapters including one on HIV medicine that is available free online.


Rev. Fr. Wim Lindeque

Board Member

Fr. Wim Lindeque is the parish priest of the Catholic Church in Manenberg where he has lived and worked for the last 5 years. He is chairperson of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in the Archdiocese of Cape Town, as well as a board member of the Prison Care and Support Network. He also works as an assistant chaplain in Pollsmoor prison and assists with the Confirmation training for the German-speaking Catholic community in Cape Town. At present he is working on a Master's degree in Theology through St Augustine's College and hopes to complete his research paper soon. He is delighted to be part of HOPE Cape Town because it reaches effectively into the lives of so many people and brings healing and help where it is most needed. 



Staff at Tygerberg Academic Children's Hospital 
The main offices of HOPE Cape Town are located in Tygerberg Hospital, 25 km outside Cape Town. HOPE Cape Town supervises the work at township clinics and train HOPE Cape Town Community Health Workers.

Dr Izane Reyneke

Program Coordinator

Izane has extensive experience in community based HIV care, after spending 10 years as medical officer and clinical manager of an infectious diseases clinic. She joined HOPE Cape Town in 2013 and manages projects and senior staff.




Pauline Jooste

Training and Outreach Officer

Pauline Jooste, a senior nurse with extensive experience of 27 years in the hospital and clinic setting, has been with HOPE Cape Town Association since January 2005.  A nursing graduate from Tygerberg Hospital, Pauline is responsible for the training of all HOPE Community Health Workers as well as professional liaison with clinic staff.




 Kerstin Behlau

Head Back office of HOPE Cape Town Trust & Association

Kerstin Behlau runs and supervises the back office of HOPE Cape Town Trust & Association. Here all information are coming together and contacts between HOPE Cape Town and sponsors, donors and supporters are maintained.



Cornelia Schönherr

Cornelia Schönherr is the Team Secretary of HOPE Cape Town

She is responsible for general administrative duties, bookkeeping, organising and recording meetings as well as the documentation of staff leave. She is endeavouring that the volunteers are feel comfortable and we appreciate her friendly nature.



Sonia Daniels

Care and Support Coordinator - Tygerberg Hospital

Sonia Daniels takes care of our little patients and their mothers or relatives as well as the sisters at the ITHEMBA ward at Tygerberg Hospital, for example she distributes food donations and commodity contributions. Sonia also administers all commodity contributions in our storeroom.




Dr Ana Houston

HOPE Cape Town Doctor

Dr Ana Houston joined HOPE in 2015. Prior to this she worked at a Community Health Centre in Khayelitsha managing ARV patients. While there she pioneered youth focused care for HIV+ adolescents on ART. Ana completed her MBChB at UCT. She also holds a Diploma in Child Health obtained while working at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, and a Diploma in HIV Management.

Her current role at HOPE includes supporting and managing HOPE to home project, providing clinical services in the Delft Paediatric HIV Clinic, co-ordinating the Medical Elective Student program, assisting Dr Purchase in research, co-ordinating resistance testing and being part of the HOPE Cape Town senior management team.



Dr Susan Purchase

HOPE Cape Town Doctor

Dr Susan Purchase joined HOPE in 2013.  After studying science and business management and working for some years in the agro-chemical industry, she recognized her calling to medicine and completed her MBChB at UCT.
Her current role includes providing clinical services in the Delft Paediatric HIV Clinic, supporting and managing relevant community projects, co-ordinating the training of Community Health Workers, running the Medical Elective Student program, initiating and engaging in relevant research, co-ordinating resistance testing for suitable paediatric patients and playing an active role in the HOPE Cape Town senior management team.


Mr Fahim Docrat

Donor Relations Manager

With local and international experience in the education, NGO and corporate sectors, Fahim drives the implementation of the fundraising and communications strategy and ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed and are included in the latest developments and expansion of our programs.