Nutrition Project

Projects to help promote a healthy lifestyle

In March 2010, a collaboration between HOPE Cape Town and Harvest of Hope was formed.  This collaboration brought about an initiative whereby fresh vegetables are supplied to children (from the age of 6 months) and their mothers who have been exposed to HIV.

At the moment the South African government, through the PMTCT program (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) provides free milk formula to infants born to mothers with HIV for a period of six months. It has been found that these babies who have been exposed to HIV are a vulnerable group and may suffer ill health later on in life. After the 6 months when the baby no longer receives the free milk these children are at a risk of becoming sick, due to economic situations at home there is often not a stable supply of food for the child.

The vegetables in this project are distributed to the mothers once a week for 6 months and during this period the mothers are also taught different ways of cooking and preparing vegetables. It is important to teach the mothers about proper nutrition as this will help to keep her and her baby healthy and if they are on ARVs they will experience an increased appetite, so nutritious food becomes even more important. 

As part of this project the mothers are also taught how to establish their own vegetable gardens so that in the long term they will be able to provide for themselves and their families.




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