Community Health Workers

HOPE Cape Town Community Health Workers are local employees, who receive ongoing training in all medical and social aspects of HIV and AIDS as well as life skills training.

Once they are employed they complete a UNISA (University of South Africa) course in “HIV Care and Counselling" that equips them to best support their patients.

HOPE Cape Town currently employs 25 Community Health Workers that are based at the various "Primary Health Care Facilities" also called Day Clinics and are our first line of contact through local grass-root projects which we support.

The impact of our Community Health Care Workers cannot be highlighted enough as they have now become an essential intervention in the communities and clinics that they service.

HOPE Cape Town has assessed the need to expand our offering beyond the 22 clinics and sites that we operate in and are committed to employing more Community Health Workers and service more clinics and patients in the coming years.




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