Support our work in South Africa



Support our work in South Africa



100% of the funds donated to HOPE Cape Town go directly to supporting our community and training programs. HOPE Cape Town does not build; with volunteer management, we use less than 5% of funds for administration. HOPE Cape Town welcomes overseas and domestic cash donations, credit cards, cheques and direct bank transfers.Contact us for more information about the ways for secure transfers.


Sponsor a HOPE Community Health Worker

HOPE Community Health Worker’s salaries are paid 100% by cash donations and sponsors. The sponsorship must cover the Community Health Worker’s training, salary and benefits. Every township has additional programs like "food parcels schemes", vegetable gardens, support groups, etc. Also these programs depend on ongoing donations. For more information on sponsoring employees or special portfolios, please contact us


Material Goods 

HOPE Cape Town happily accepts donations of material goods unfortunately, due to transportation and/or customs difficulties, we are only able to accept donations of material goods from within the Cape Town area. For more information, please contact us


Phone: +27 (0)21 938 9930

Fax: +27 (0)21 938 6662 



HOPE Cape Town Trust:

Public Benefit Organisation (SA) No 93/00/24/843

Non Profit Organisation (SA) No 053-417NPO


Banking Details

South Africa: 

HOPE Cape Town Trust

Standard Bank

Thibault Square

Branch Code: 020909

Account #: 0702 74 52 5



Kontoname: Katholisches Auslandssekretariat 

Bank: Commerzbank, Köln 

Konto-Nr.: 2 114 021 00 (BLZ 370 800 40) 


IBAN: DE72370800400211402100 

Kennwort: HOPE Cape Town Trust 


All donors receive a tax deductible receipt for the respective country.

Please provide us with the necessary details in order for us to provide you with a receipt. 

All donations from Germany are transferred to South Africa at no cost to HOPE Cape Town. 



HOPE Cape Town Trust
Public Benefit Organisation (SA) No 93/00/24/843
Non Profit Organisation (SA) No 053-417 NPO