Hope Cape Town supports the following research:


A Model of Care - The role of the HOPE Cape Town Community Health Worker in preventing and reducing HIV treatment failure in children in the Delft Community - Western Cape

Investigators: Dr Monika Esser, Dr Jayne Cunningham and Dr Sue Purchase.

This research project began in January 2013 with its submission to the Stellenbosch Ethics Committee. The collection of data, interviews and the transcription thereof has all been completed and this research has been analysed and written up. An abstract paper has also been submitted to the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference. 


A Prospective Evaluation of Swallowing and Feeding Disorders in HIV Infected Children. 

Investigator: Dr Etienne Nel 

This study is in phase one and phase two and recruitment of children will be finished by June 2014.



Early neurodevelopmental outcome of HIV-exposed but uninfected infants in Cape Town, South Africa.

Investigator: Dr Cilla Springer

This research looks at the neurodevelopmental outcomes of infants exposed to HIV in utero but not actually infected, and compares it to the neurodevelopmental outcomes of infants not exposed to HIV. Currently 80 infants have been assessed and all field work should be completed by the end of July 2014.