Situation in South Africa

Latest information about the health care situation in the Western Cape and South Africa

CIA Factbook World Ranking
World Ranking of numbers of HIV and AIDS deaths. South Africa ranks first with the highest number of deaths.

Q&A: Access to HIV/AIDS Care in South Africa
Information on HIV and Aids health care services in South Africa regarding aspects of  availabilityexpense, quality & effectiveness.

Health 24: HIV/AIDS
A comprehensive site with life stories, articles, information on stigma, culture, sex life, counselling, transmission, news, video and audio recordings on life with HIV and Aids, and HIV test information.

Situation in the Western Cape
The provincial health budget allocates approximately one third of the provincial budget to the Department of Health.  Health insurance is not universal and the province provides clinic access for those without coverage, including immigrants.  Services in the Western Cape are focused “on primary-level services, community-based care and preventative care” (Provincial Government of the Western Cape website).  The clinics operate on a nurse driven (for diagnosis, prescription and treatment) models with part-time or specialised doctors on staff.  More full-time doctors are found in the larger clinics and day hospitals.

The HOPE Cape Town Community Health Care Workers are located in the clinics or Primary Health facilities that average 12 million visits per year in the Western Cape.  The Western Cape Province records the highest level of clinic visits/client/year: 3 visits versus the national average of 2.3 visits.  Thus the addition of the HOPE Cape Town Community Health Worker to 16 of the more than 300 provincial faculties identifies a need and an effective response. Hope Cape Town Association currently employs 24 Community Health Care Workers in 18 clinics.  In addition to training in HIV and Aids, the HOPE Cape Town training includes TB as the Western Cape Province has significantly high infection rates and TB is associated as an opportunistic infection.

The HIV and AIDS prevalence rate in the Western Province has risen from 7.8% in 2003 to 15.2% in 2006. In 2011 the prevalence rate rose to 18.6%.


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