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Newsletter - March 2010

HIV Outreach Programme & Education
Cape Town

Hello dear Friends of HOPE Cape Town,
As in the previous years, we are happy to send you our quarterly newsletter and inform you about the latest news and developments at HOPE Cape Town. 

In this issue
1. HOPE Cape Town & Healthy Nutrition
2. HOPE Cape Town Events
3. HOPE Cape Town inside
4. HOPE Cape Town Banking Details 2010

1. HOPE Cape Town & Healthy Nutrition

Through our work in our 17 HOPE communities, we see how important a balanced and healthy nutrition is for a stable and well-functioning immune system on a daily basis. Our community health workers see an increasing number of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension at the clinics, often caused or aggravated by incomplete and unbalanced nutrition. A complete diet rich in nutrients and vitamins is particularly important for HIV positive patients so their immune system can be supported in a natural way. Most patients from poorer communities do, however, lack awareness and education about healthy nutrition.
Since the beginning of March, HOPE Cape Town has been running a new nutrition project in cooperation with the local organization Abalimi Bezekhaya („the planters“ in isiXhosa, Their programme “Harvest of Hope” ( assists local township farmers with the marketing and sales of their organically produced vegetables. Since the initiation of the cooperation, 20 vegetable bags are delivered to the HOPE community Delft each Tuesday. In cooking demonstrations, we are teaching HIV positive moms how to keep themselves, their babies and their families healthy through a balanced nutrition. The moms take vegetables home each week and exchange recipes and cooking methods in the following session.
Students of human nutrition from the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences in Moenchengladbach, Germany, regularly assist with their expertise as well as the monitoring and evaluation of the project.
We would like to thank our volunteer Bianca Mannewitz for conceptualizing and successfully initiating the project. Thank you also to Annalena Luedtke and Stephanie Gebauer from the HS Niederrhein for conducting various cooking demonstrations and providing a cooking manual. Finally, we thank Hope & Future e.V. from Muenster, Germany for financing this pilot.

2. HOPE Cape Town Events

On April 17, the German football club Dynamo Dresden will play against a team from the city of Jena in a charity match for HOPE Cape Town. On this occasion, a promotional video featuring German singer Udo Lindenberg will premiere, in which he encourages people to donate to HOPE Cape Town via SMS. Our organization will also be the beneficiary of donations collected by the Udo Lindenberg Trust on the occasion of the Panic Music Award during the Herman Hesse Festival in the German town of Tuebingen ( A warm thank you to Viola Klein and her team!
On Saturday 22 May 2010, the annual Ball of HOPE will take place at the Westin Grand Hotel in Cape Town. We are looking forward to see many new and well-known faces there. 

3. HOPE Cape Town inside

HOPE Cape Town has moved offices on the Tygerberg Campus of Stellenbosch University. We have relocated to the Department of Pharmacology on the 7th floor in the clinical building. The new telephone number is 021 938 9930.
We are happy to welcome two new staff members to the HOPE Cape Town Team: Sharon Geduld has been placed as the new additional community health worker at Bishop Lavis clinic. From 1 April 2010, Sonia Daniels will complement our team as the new team secretary on the Ithemba Paediatric Ward at Tygerberg Hospital. A warm welcome to the HOPE Cape Town Family!

4. HOPE Cape Town Banking Details 2010

As reported in Newsletter 4/ 2009, HOPE Cape Town has now got its own exclusive donation account in Germany. Donors can get a tax deductible donation receipt, recognized by the German Revenue Service.

The bank account with the Office for German language ministry abroad (Katholisches Auslandssekretariat) of the German Bishops Conference will also remain open for donations to HOPE Cape Town.
Please visit our website regularly to keep up to date with the latest developments of our work and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
With warm regards and the best wishes,
Yasmin Smith
Project Supervisor HOPE Cape Town Association
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