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HOPE Cape Town Newsletter Nr. 1/ 2013

 HOPE Cape Town Newsletter No. 01/ 2013
HIV outreach program & education
Cape Town


Dear friends of HOPE Cape Town,


As winter is drawing to a close here in Cape Town and we are entering into spring, we take pleasure in providing you with the latest news of HOPE Cape Town and give you a brief overview about our work in the last year. Enjoy the read!

In this issue
1. 1. HOPE Projects
2. 2. HOPE Cape Town visitors:
3. 3. HOPE Cape Town events
4. 4. Upcoming events:
5. 5. HOPE Cape Town Internal Developments

1. 1. HOPE Projects


Our community health workers are increasingly being exposed to the electronic age! Two groups of health care workers are studying the same material, one group using tablets and one using paper based methods. They will write tests at the end of each module and we will see how the groups compare. This is a project in cooperation with the University Neu-Ulm.


New Research Project


HOPE Cape Town is involved in a research project based in the Paediatric HIV Clinic in Delft. This clinic is situated in a peri -urban township where the HOPE doctors work on a Friday. The research aims to document how many children on anti-retroviral therapy are failing their treatment and if so what are the reasons for this failure. The ultimate aim is to see if our HOPE Community Health Care Workers can address any of the reasons for treatment failure.


We have received Ethics approval and approval from the Western Cape Department of Health and are currently in the data collection phase. We also aim to provide this clinic with an up to date record of all HIV positive children who have ever attended this clinic.


2. 2. HOPE Cape Town visitors:

Visit of Dr Annette Schavan, former German Minister of Education and Research

Towards the end of the German-South African Year of Science, the German Minister of Education and Research, Dr Annette Schavan, and her delegation of about 30 people from the German parliament, academic and other institutions visited HOPE Cape Town on February 7, 2013. During this visit, the visitors saw the township of Blikkiesdorp, the work HOPE Cape Town is involved in and the visitors were also informed about the collaboration between the Pharmacology and Virology Divisions of the University of Stellenbosch and HOPE Cape Town.




Visits of Bavarian Politicians


On the 28 February 2013, the President of the Bavarian State Parliament, Mrs Barbara Stamm, and Vice-Presidents, Mr Reinhold Bocklet, Mr Franz Maget, Mr Peter Meyer and Mr. Jörg Rohde and other members of the Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament visited HOPE Cape Town.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the delegation for the generous donation.


Visit of Board members of the German AIDS Foundation


For several years now, HOPE Cape Town has worked in close cooperation with the German AIDS Foundation. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to welcome Mrs Renate Siebenhaar, Member of the Board of Trustees of the German AIDS Foundation, together with other interested visitors on Monday, the 25th of March 2013.


Visit of Hope & Future e.V. Germany


Our supporters and friends from Hope & Future, Mr Andreas Schröer and Mr Gregor Lamers, visited HOPE Cape Town on 01 August 2013. Hope & Future has been supporting and funding our work in Delft and Blikkiesdorp for many years. They visited the communities and the clinics in Delft and Delft-South; they have spoken to the community health workers about their work and their daily problems. In Blikkiesdorp they cooked jam with the residents and helped in the garden. Thank you for the continuing support!


We wish to express our condolences to the family and friends of Mr Heinz Westhoff (a Chairperson of Hope & Future) who passed away earlier this year. 


3. 3. HOPE Cape Town events

Ball of HOPE

The annual Ball of HOPE was held at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town on 4 May 2013. Guests came from all walks of life and travelled from all  corners of the globe to attend the Ball. The world class music production was directed by Adolf Thelen. It included performances by: Theo Mangomgaman, Shirley Sutherland and the Holy Cross Primary Brooklyn’s Senior Choir. There were great raffle prizes up for grabs, donated by our generous sponsors. Everybody had a wonderful time with fantastic food and music. It was a great opportunity for the friends and staff of HOPE Cape Town to get to know each other.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal friends and sponsors for supporting our worthy cause, and to congratulate the organisers for hosting a very memorable evening.


National AIDS Conference, Durban


In June 2013, 3 of us, Dr Izáne Reyneke (Program Coordinator), Pauline Jooste (Outreach Facilitator) and Mariam Roelofse (Community Health Worker in Belhar), represented HOPE Cape Town at the National AIDS Conference in Durban. Pauline presented our research project “The use of point-of-care CD4 testing as an adjunct in determining ART eligibility to improve maternal care”.


Mandela Day at Blikkiesdorp


HOPE Cape Town staff, community workers, volunteers and Blikkiesdorp residents really got their hands dirty on 18 July, to make a difference on Mandela Day. Ground was cleared, vegetables planted and containers painted.  Great fun was had by all!


AGM HOPE Cape Town Association and Trust


The HOPE Cape Town Trust held its AGM in May. As it is custom in South Africa, the chair reported back on the developments during the year in question, the financials were discussed and approved.


In August, HOPE Cape Town Association held its AGM. Charles Scheltema was adopted as a new board member.


Both these annual reports are available for download on  our website.

4. 4. Upcoming events:

HOPE Gala Dresden

The 8th HOPE Gala in Dresden will take place on 26th October 2013 at the Staatschauspiel Dresden/Schauspielhaus. The After-Show-Party will be held at the Erlwein-Capitol at the Ostra-Park. As in previous years, excellent entertainment  by a range of popular artists  is guaranteed. For tickets and more information please visit


5. 5. HOPE Cape Town Internal Developments

HOPE Cape Town welcomed Izane Reyneke as the new program Coordinator. She will oversee the different programs and develop new approaches to the ever changing challenges in fight against HIV/ AIDS. We bid farewell to our doctor Sandy … and welcome as new doctors: Jayne Cunningham and Sue Purchase.   As a team they contribute to our training programme, perform clinical work at at a local community clinic and head our research projects.


Hope Cape Town it proud to introduce these 3 dynamic staff members:


Dr Izáne Reyneke


Izane completed a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Physiology and Psychology) prior to starting her Medical degree in Bloemfontein (Free State). She qualified as a medical doctor in 2002, and moved to Cape Town in 2003 to start her Medical internship at New Somerset Hospital. Here she was faced with the stark reality of HIV/AIDS prior to the availability of antiretroviral treatment in the Public Sector.


In 2004, Izane started her Community Service at Wesfleur Hospital in Atlantis, a marginalised community North West of Cape Town. Here she started the first infectious diseases clinic providing antiretroviral treatment, in the area and continued to manage this clinic for the next 10 years. Izane has always believed in the community based holistic management of HIV and has been actively involved in nutritional projects / clothing drives in the area. She was involved in Community Health Care Worker training and also established a family clinic at Wesfleur Hospital where parents and their children could access care during the same consultation. She completed the Advanced Health Management Programme through Yale University and FPD in 2009.


Izane married Peet, a financial manager, in 2001 and had a baby (Luka) in 2012.


Izane started as Program Coordinator at HOPE Cape Town in May 2013 and is looking forward to this new chapter in her life.


Dr Jayne Cunningham


After obtaining her MBBCH degree from Wits University in 1992, Dr Jayne Cunningham worked in Johannesburg as a General Practitioner for 10 years as well as working sessions in a local clinic seeing HIV individuals and offering supportive care in the pre ARV era. During this time she also received her Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Jayne married Garth in 1997 and studied further to obtain her diploma in HIV Management. After having 2 children, Rebecca now age 12 and Leigh aged 8, Jayne moved into exclusive HIV work with an NGO called Right to Care, helping to run their flagship Paediatric HIV Clinic in Alexandra Township for 5 years.


A move to the Western Cape 2 years ago saw Jayne obtaining locum work with HOPE Cape Town initially and then joining the team of permanent staff in November 2012. Jayne is involved in both the clinical and research fields currently with HOPE Cape Town.


Dr Sue Purchase


Dr Susan Purchase joined HOPE in May this year.  After studying science and business management and working in industry, she felt the calling to medicine and did her MBChB at UCT.  Since qualifying in 2004 she has worked primarily with HIV positive children, in community, clinic and research settings. Sue loves travel, reading, hiking and photography.  She is married to Marc, an ENT registrar at Tygerberg, and has two little girls, Melissa and Chloë.

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