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HOPE Cape Town Newsletter Nr. 1/ 2014


Dear HOPE Cape Town Friends,

As spring arrives in Germany and we are entering into autumn here in Cape Town, we take pleasure in providing you with the latest news of HOPE Cape Town. Enjoy the read.

In this edition:


In this issue
1. HOPE Cape Town - Projects
2. HOPE Cape Town - Visitors
3. HOPE Cape Town - Events
4. HOPE Cape Town - Intern
5. Thank you

1. HOPE Cape Town - Projects



We would like to start our new project “HOPE to HOME” as soon as possible. Retaining patients in care in the community, after being discharged from hospital, remains a challenge and initial integration of patients into their community health care facilities plays a major role in this retention. Hope Cape Town wants to facilitate the smooth transition between admission and reporting for care at a local community facility, by preparing patients for discharge, confirming appointments, visiting them at home and accompanying them to the local facility, where possible. We estimate that 200 – 300 children will require this service per month. HOPE Cape Town has been involved in community based Paediatric HIV Care for many years by providing a HOPE Doctor for clinical sessions in the Infectious Diseases Clinic  at Delft Day Hospital. 


Funding from BILD “Ein Herz für Kinder”

Through the generous support from BILD "Ein Herz für Kinder", we are not only able to continue, but can even expand the support for HIV+ children and their parents in the fields of nutrition, social work, early childhood development and parents training. For example, every Wednesday takes place the occupational therapy where the therapist educates children and their parents in early childhood development with the focus on the relevance of the play. Most parents are so busy trying to survive that they do not have time to play with their children and, due to being raised in poor and under resourced families themselves, never learned how a parent should play with their child.


Studies at University of Cape Town

Ten of our Community Health Workers attending currently a course at University of Cape Town (UCT) to expand their skills in field of advanced clinical consulting and their knowledge about health.


Ecotrophology students support Blikkiesdorp and Manenberg

With their knowledge about healthy nutrition four Ecotrophology students from Hochschule Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach supported actively the soup kitchen in Blikkiesdorp and the “Holy Family child and Youth Development Centre in Manenberg. The students taught the staff about healthy nutrition and hygiene. In addition, the students developed short animated teaching films. 

2. HOPE Cape Town - Visitors


Organizer of HOPE Gala Dresden on visit in Cape Town

As the first visitors in the New Year we welcomed Michaela Gornickel from Par.X Marketing and her partner, Andreas Koreng. Par.X Marketing organizes together with Viola Klein our major German fundraising event,  the HOPE Gala in Dresden, Germany every year. It was a special pleasure for us to receive guests from Par.X to give them a deeper insight in our daily work and our projects.


From Antarctica to HOPE Cape Town

In February, eight researchers and guests of the Neumayer Station in Antarctica visited HOPE Cape Town. The Alfred-Wegener-Institut supports HOPE for many years, among others with clothes or food donations. Dr. Barbara Fiedel, Dr. Georg Spiekermann, Dr. Julia Regnery, Adam Zieba, Dr. Eberhardt Kohlberg and his wife Elke and Petra and Andreas Reichwein visited the Ithemba station, Blikkiesdorp and the clinic in Delft.


“Sächsische Zeitung” researches on-site

Peter Hilbert, editor of the “Sächsische Zeitung” visited HOPE Cape Town to get a deeper and extensive background for an article about HOPE Cape Town in order to draw attention with detailed information to the upcoming HOPE Gala in Dresden. Accompanied by Psychologist Martin Arnold and Dr. Richard Weigelt, Mr Hilbert visited various projects.


American students of the George Quaker School help in Blikkiesdorp

A group of teachers and students from the American George-Quaker School visited the Community Project in Blikkiesdorp. They sponsored different seedlings for the garden and planted them to support the project.


Raffle winner of HOPE Gala visited HOPE Cape Town

The first prize of the raffle at the HOPE Gala 2013 in Dresden was a trip to South Africa. Matthias Hundt and Britta Boy were the glad winners of the raffle. On their trip, they grasped the opportunity to look insight the work of HOPE Cape Town and visited amongst others Blikkiesdorp and the Ithemba station.


Bavaria meets Western Cape

On the basis of the cooperation of the Federal State of Bavaria and the Western Cape Province, a Bavarian delegation including Minister of State Dr. Beate Merk visited Cape Town. In addition to an amount of appointments, Merk took the time to get informed about HOPE Cape Town to attract future joint projects. We welcomed the Minister and the delegation at our community project in Blikkiesdorp.

3. HOPE Cape Town - Events


Ball of HOPE-2014

On May 10, the annual Ball of HOPE will take place at the WESTIN. The Ball of HOPE secures the work of HOPE Cape Town through many donations each year. Katlego Maboe will be the Master of the Ceremony this year and will lead through the program.


HOPE Gala Dresden, Germany

The 9th HOPE Gala in Dresden will be held on October 25, 2014 at the Schauspielhaus in Dresden. As in the past years, excellent entertainment is guaranteed. For tickets and more information, please visit


Happy Children's Day in Manenberg

Thanks to the great support of Kamghe Gaba, we were able to organize a Happy Children's Day in Manenberg on April 23, 2014. There have been jumping castles, face painting, candy floss and an “oasis of power” with fresh fruits and juices for 200 children. In addition, the new jungle gym was be inaugurated. Kamghe visited HOPE Cape Town in 2010 and since then he is collecting donations for HOPE Cape Town with his project "My Chain For Happiness" ( and a photography workshop. 

4. HOPE Cape Town - Intern


Community Health Workers

In the context of HOPE to HOME, Community Health Worker Mariam Roloefse is working since February 2014 at Tygerberg Hospital. She was working at the clinic in Bishop Lavis. In exchange, the place in Bishop Lavis has been taken over by Devitia Swartbooi, who was formerly stationed in the clinic in Valhalla Park. Fazlin Hendricks was newly employed for the clinic in Valhalla Park. Fazlin has valuable experience in dealing with HIV and TB patients from her previous duties in the clinic.


We also congratulate Rochelle Paka to her admission at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Since 1st February 2014, Rochelle studies at the UWC to be trained as a nurse. We wish her all the best for her further career.

5. Thank you


Please visit our website regularly, keep up to date about HOPE Cape Town and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

With kind regards and best wishes,


 HOPE Cape Town team


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