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HOPE Cape Town Newsletter No. 6/ 2015

Dear HOPE Cape Town Friends,


We are pleased to bring you the latest edition of our newsletter.

In this issue
1. Reflections
2. HOPE Cape Town Annual Children’s Christmas Party
3. HOPE Gala Dresden
4. News in Pics
5. Upcoming Events

1. Reflections

HOPE Cape Town had recently been involved with a young boy who attends the children’s HIV clinic in Delft. His story illustrates the challenges faced by the children we work with.

Dr Susan Purchase saw the child in Delft last week. Derek is 8 years old, HIV positive and on anti-retroviral therapy. He lives with his mother, father, 9 year old brother and 2 year old sister in a 2-bedroom, derelict building. The building has no windows and no working toilet, and is shared by a large number of adults, who sleep in the rooms and in the kitchen. Derek’s father has recently been released from jail, and is physically abusing Derek, his siblings and his mother. The other adults in the house are using a variety of drugs, which they regularly offer to the children. Derek’s father has brought a friend into the house who has HIV and TB, and is coughing blood. He is refusing treatment for both diseases. Derek’s mother is 6 months pregnant, but has stopped her anti-retroviral treatment, thus putting her unborn baby at risk of HIV. She says she simply “can’t cope” any longer.

Derek is a bright, lively boy, but regularly runs away from home, and lives on the streets for days at a time. He is defaulting his ARV treatment. Our community health worker in the area has tried to assist the family by visiting over weekends, befriending Derek and bringing bread and vegetables. The family currently has no income, as an aunt has taken the children’s documentation, is accessing their grants and spending their money.

The family has been referred to social services. Derek’s mother would like her children to be removed and placed somewhere safe. Unfortunately the social worker at Delft could only give Derek’s mother a letter to the Department of Social Development. She needs to go there, and they should do a home visit and assess what would be best for the children. If they are placed, it is unlikely that their mother will have access to them for the foreseeable future. Dr Purchase is currently trying to find a shelter which will accept Derek, his mother and his siblings, but so far all the shelters are full. They also require that the family be screened for TB and mental illness before admission, and this will take time. Derek’s mother has no telephone, which is complicating a sad and rather desperate situation.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we try to help children like Derek.

2. HOPE Cape Town Annual Children’s Christmas Party

HOPE Cape Town hosted its annual Children’s Christmas Party, sponsored by Hope & Future e.V., recently at the Delft Community Hall with over 300 children attending.

Activities included a jumping castle, photo booth, face painting and loads of other entertainment. The children were also treated to lunch and ice cream.

This event has now become a highlight in the community social calendar and gives us the opportunity to bring joy to these children and provide a safe space for them to be children. Often children in such communities are forced to grow up much too soon and we hope and call for wider long term efforts by all stakeholders to ensure we create and sustain an environment where we take better care of our children and support efforts to nurture this next generation.

For this one day we helped the children forget all their troubles and we enjoyed sharing their joy when we handed out Christmas parcels which included a toy, to each child as part of the day’s activities.

3. HOPE Gala Dresden

HOPE Cape Town received a major financial boost from its annual gala event held in Dresden, Germany recently. The HOPE Gala Dresden raised major funds which will help the organisation continue to support the communities of the Western Cape with its various programmes including feeding schemes, toy libraries, resistance testing and 25 HOPE Community Health Workers who are active in the field.

The event which was attended by more than 800 guests from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa included celebrities, politicians and was a huge success and not only raised funds but also created an international awareness of the challenges that South Africa still faces in terms of dealing with HIV/Aids and TB and the related social ills.

We are thankful to all our supporters who make it possible to bring HOPE to so many. We still have a long way to go and there is an ever increasing need to expand our services. With the continued support of our international friends and the South African public, we are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve.

We are very happy that our friends in Germany are continuing to support our work and have managed to raise funds which support our efforts. This would have not been possible without the hard work of our HOPE Gala Dresden Coordinator, Ms Viola Klein and her team who have been promoting our work for many years now. We look forward to an even bigger event next year.

4. News in Pics


All smiles when our Community Health Workers recently graduated from the University of Cape Town with certificates in Health Literacy and Advanced Counselling.

We treated 50 children from Blikkiesdorp to a fun day out with activities and lunch on World Aids Day.

5. Upcoming Events

HOPE Gala Dresden (11th Anniversary) - 12 November 2016;

Ball of HOPE – 2016 - 14th May 2016


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