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Newsletter October 2010

HOPE (HIV Outreach Program & Education) Cape Town
Dear Friends of HOPE Cape Town,

Spring has finally arrived in Cape Town, the perfect time to update you about the latest news at HOPE Cape Town.
We hope you enjoy our third newsletter for this year!

In this issue
1. HOPE Community Health Worker Debriefing
2. HOPE Cape Town Events
3. HOPE Cape Town Nutrition Project
4. HOPE Cape Town inside

1. HOPE Community Health Worker Debriefing

The 24 HOPE community health workers are confronted with a lot of hardship and suffering each day when counseling their patients at the clinics and doing home visits in their communities. In the long run, this can lead to feelings of stress, depression and compassion fatigue. To reduce any possibility of psychological harm in the health care workers, HOPE Cape Town has arranged for debriefing sessions with Tygerberg Hospital social worker Nocawe Frans. In several group meetings the community health workers were able to share their experiences and express their feelings. The debriefing sessions were very well received and will continue on a regular basis.

2. HOPE Cape Town Events

For the fifth consecutive year, Viola Klein, Saxonia Systems AG and – for the first time – the HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung have organised a charity gala in Dresden for the benefit of HOPE Cape Town together with many loyal sponsors and supporters. The HOPE Gala will take place on 30 October 2010 at the Schauspielhaus Dresden. As in the previous years, excellent entertainment and a range of popular artists are guaranteed. Please visit the following homepage: Tickets are available under 0049-351-4864 2002 or online on

On 3 November 2010, a workshop on HIV and sports will be held at the Technical University Munich following the signing of the letter of intent between the TU Department of Sports Sciences, HOPE Cape Town and Stellenbosch University in June this year. During the workshop further details of this innovative cooperation will be elaborated.

3. HOPE Cape Town Nutrition Project

For more than six months now, HOPE Cape Town has been running a nutrition project in cooperation with the local organization Abalimi Bezekhaya ("the planters“ in isiXhosa, Their programme “Harvest of Hope” ( assists local township farmers with the marketing and sales of their organically produced vegetables. Since the initiation of the cooperation, 20 vegetable bags are delivered to the HOPE community Delft each Tuesday. In cooking demonstrations, we are teaching HIV positive moms how to keep themselves, their babies and their families healthy through a balanced nutrition. The moms take vegetables home each week and exchange recipes and cooking methods in the following session. Meanwhile, the second group of moms has started on the programme. In order to make the project sustainable, the first group received special training in gardening and small-scale vegetable farming before leaving the programme and many mothers are already eagerly planning their own little vegetable garden.

We would like to give special thanks to our volunteer Laura Fiebig, who facilitated the project with lots of passion and commitment during the past six months. We also thank Xenia Trippel and Marie Brockhaus, students of human nutrition from the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences in Moenchengladbach in Germany, for their input and their valuable assistance in the interim evaluation of the project.

4. HOPE Cape Town inside

We are proud to announce that all new HOPE Community Health Workers have successfully passed their UNISA (University of South Africa) course in “HIV & AIDS Care and Counseling”. Congratulations!

With pleasure we welcome two new community health workers to our team: Violet Otto in Uitsig and Beverly Bosman in Brackenfell and Northpine, three new facilities HOPE Cape Town is working in.

Please visit regularly to keep up to date with the latest developments of our work and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
With warm regards and the best wishes,
Yasmin Smith
Project Supervisor HOPE Cape Town Association

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