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2019 - Occupational Therapy at Tygerberg Hospital School

Occupational Therapy at Tygerberg Hospital School

HOPE Cape Town was able to sponsor Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment and treatment sessions for seven learners, who would normally not be able to afford extra therapy costs, at the Tygerberg Hospital School. For the last quarter of the school term (September – December 2018) the learners of Dr Springer’s class received either small group or individual therapy sessions run by Sensory Kidzone – a private practice already supporting the school.

Therapy sessions were focussed on motor skills (including pencil grip and writing skills), visual perception and eye-hand coordination. The children were assessed at the start and end of the OT treatment period and significant improvements were seen in the majority of learners.

Further to the therapy provided at the school, the learners received specific home programmes to empower the parents with ways in which to play with their children at home while stimulating their development at the same time.

“One of the benefits for us in this process is that we formed a closer relationship with the parents, teachers and management of Tygerberg Hospital School and realised their passion for the children of the school and the future of the school. It has been a privilege to work with these learners and the teachers of Tygerberg Hospital School.”

– Robyn Turnball, Sensory Kidzone Occupational Therapist

Report by:
Robyn Meissner
HOPE Cape Town Occupational Therapist
January 2019