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2013 Gallery

HOPE Cape Town Children's Christmas Party

A great time was had by all the children we care for at the HOPE Cape Town Children's Christmas Party at the Delft Community Hall yesterday 22 November 2013. They thoroughly enjoyed having their faces painted, playing on the jumping castles, having their picture taken with father Christmas, colouring in, fishing for prizes, entertainment by Halli the dog, music and dancing, lots of goodies and presents and a great lunch. Thanks to all the HOPE Cape Town Staff for organising this great event and to the volunteers and students for their invaluable assistance on the day as well all the sponsors. The pictures say it all




Representatives from the Rotary Club of Haldensleben, German

Representatives from the Rotary Club of Haldensleben, Germany visited various projects run by Hope Cape Town on Wednesday 6 November. They were very impressed with the outstanding work we do at the Ithemba Ward and the communities.




Good news from Ithemba Ward

Today one of our little patients was discharged by the doctors! After one year and four months spending in the hospital not only at the Ithemba Ward but also in ICU, having surgeries and various infections, she can now finally go back home to her family and her twin sister who she has not seen since her birth. We all are really happy for her and wish her and her family only the best for the future.




Visit from HOPE and Future e.V. Germany

Our friends, Andreas and Gregor, visited HOPE Cape Town on 01 August 2013. HOPE in future has been supporting and funding our work in Delft and Blikkiesdorp for many years. We visited Delft Day Hospital, Delft South Clinic and Blikkiesdorp. It has been a sad year for HOPE in future, as Mr Heinz Westhoff, one of the chairpersons passed away earlier this year. His goodwill and impact on this marginalised community will always be remembered.




Visit of Karolinska Institute

A delegation of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden visited HOPE Cape Town. The institute is well known as members of the institute select the Nobel Prize laureate for medicine.




Mandela Day at Blikkiesdorp

HOPE Cape Town staff, community workers, volunteers and Blikkiesdorp residents really got their hands dirty on 18 July, to make a difference on Mandela Day. Ground was cleared, vegetables planted and containers painted. And great fun was had by all!




HOPE community workers visit Heart of Cape Town

HOPE Cape Town community health workers enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Heart of Cape Town museum. It was fascinating to hear the story of the world's first human heart transplant, and we felt proud that a team of South African health workers changed history that day! Many thanks to Christine and the Heart of Cape Town museum for hosting us.




E-learning with Hope Cape Town

Our community health workers are increasingly being exposed to the electronic age! Two groups of health care workers are studying the same material, one group using tablets and one using paper based methods. They will write tests at the end of each module and we will see how the groups compare.




SA AIDS Conference 2013

HOPE Cape Town participated in the National AIDS Conference in Durban 2013




Life Ball 2013

Viola Klein, our trustee and initiator of the HOPE Gala Dresden, is pictured here with the former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton at the Life Ball in Vienna, which was held Saturday, 25 May 2013




Ball of HOPE 2013

Ball of HOPE 2013




Ball of HOPE 2013 - our main sponsors

We thank our main sponsors for the Ball of HOPE 2013.




Episcopal visit from Germany at HOPE Cape Town

Episcopal visit from Germany at HOPE Cape Town




Introducing South African Kids to a German Easter Tradition

Our volunteers Regina and Andreas were on a mission! Because of Easter, they thought they should introduce the children in Manenberg to the German Easter tradition. Armed with brushes, colour and eggs they wanted to paint eggs with the kids because this Easter tradition is not as common or popular in South Africa as it is in Germany. Obviously, all 40 kids had a great time - where else do you get the opportunity to design your own egg? Also the fact that as much of the colour could be found on the cloths of the youngsters as on the eggs is enough proof of the creativity of the kids. However, most of the colourful eggshells just had little time to be gazed at as such an artwork of food is a big temptation to small children mouths.




A piece of African reality

For several years now, HOPE Cape Town works in close cooperation with the German AIDS Foundation. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to welcome Mrs Renate Siebenhaar, Member of the Board of Trustees of the German AIDS Foundation, together with other interested visitors on Monday, the 25th of March 2013. The HOPE Cape Town employees, Kerstin Behlau and Pauline Jooste introduced the guests at first to the work of HOPE Cape Town at the Ithemba ward at the Tygerberg Hospital. Afterwards they visited the clinic in Delft and the Township Blikkiesdorp. There, the visitors were introduced to the work of the HOPE Cape Town community health workers in community clinics and in the communities. All in all, this was for the visitors and especially for Mrs Renate Siebenhaar and her work at the German AIDS-Foundation a very useful experience and of particular importance.




Bavaria on a visit to South Africa

On the 28 February 2013 the President of the Bavarian State Parliament, Mrs Barbara Stamm, and Vice-Presidents, Mr Reinhold Bocklet, Mr Franz Maget, Mr Peter Meyer and Mr. Jörg Rohde and other members of the Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament visited HOPE Cape Town. The visit program included a presentation about the work of HOPE Cape Town in the Township of Blikkiesdorp by Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler and a visit of the Ithemba ward at Tygerberg children hospital. During the walk through Blikkiesdorp the German guests got to know the work which is done by HOPE Cape Town and gained insights into the tough life that people are facing day by day in the township. This was followed by lunch at the Tygerberg Hospital during which the interested delegation members asked further questions and entered into dialogue with Father Hippler and the other employees of HOPE Cape Town about the many different tasks of the organization.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the delegation for the generous donation which they gave to Father Hippler.




February Visits

On Monday, 25 February 2013, HOPE Cape Town hosted the visit of Kena Amoa along with Roland Stomenger , Jens Dietrich and Alexander Keukes. They were shown around the Ithemba Ward at Tygerberg Hospital. Afterwards they were taken to Blikkiesdorp and taken into the structure of one of the community members to see the conditions people live under. They also saw how crowded a community clinic can get at the Delft Community Health Centre.




A wheelchair donation received from the Rotary Club Oostenbe

The Rotary Club of Oostenberg donated a children's wheelchair to the Ithemba Ward. The wheelchair was received from the Wheelchair Foundation UK. Our little friends chose to give it a test ride.




Outreach to the Senior Citizens of the Brooklyn Milnerton

The senior citizens who form part of Catholicare collected some babyclothes and stuffed toys to be distributed in the HOPE Cape Town Communities. HOPE Cape Town used these to make up Christmas parcels for some of our patients. Charlene Felix, our HOPE Community Health Worker in Belhar (St Vincent Clinic) arranged for a musician to join them for their year opening church service.




Our Volunteers sharing donations at Delft Clinic

Our Volunteers sharing donations at Delft Clinic




Visit of Dr Annette Schavan, MP Education and Research (DE)

Visit of Dr Annette Schavan, Minister of Education and Research Germany)




Bonprix Donation Extended to Blikkiesdorp

A part of the Bonprix donation received was also shared with Blikkiesdorp residents.




Bonprix Christmas Donation

Bonprix Christmas Donation




The Visit of Uwe Fanselow 23 January 2013

The Visit of Uwe Fanselow 23 January 2013




Visit of Natasha Rheeders from Renault Tygerberg, 16 January

Natasha Rheeders from Renault Tygerberg visited us on the 16 January 2013. She reported being captivated by our work in the Ithemba Ward at Tygerberg Hospital, the HOPE Community Health Workers (HCHW)in the clinics and the different projects we are running at Blikkiesdorp, including a library(which belongs to Blikkies for HOPE) and our vegetable garden. We look forward to working with Natasha and her team at Renault Tygerberg to enhance the projects of HOPE Cape Town.




The visit of Mr Kern, 19 January 2013

The visit of Mr Kern, 19 January 2013